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Do I need a certain app on my phone to use Mobile Presets?

Yes!  You'll need to download the Unzip app to extract the files and Adobe Lightroom CC to use the presets.


I clicked the download button on my phone and nothing happened.

Oh no!  It looks like you may have a pop up blocker on your phone!

Try turning that off and see if it works!  If not, give us a shout at and we'll get the files over to you ASAP!

If you are using Safari, also try switching to the Chrome browser.  Sometimes that does the trick!


What if I download the mobile files and I get a black screen that says "Unsupported File Type"?

No problem at all!

If you get this message, you should see a square with an arrow in the top right-hand corner.  Click on that and you'll be able to move forward with the rest of the process starting with Save Image.


What do I do if the photo just shows up as a blank picture in my Camera Roll?

This is totally normal!

The file format is made for RAW photos, so on most occasions, it will appear to be a blank or black photo in your phone's Camera Roll.

When you open the Lightroom CC app and add the preset to a folder, you will see the photo associated with it, and it will be ready for use!


How do I use my Mobile Preset?

Instructions are included on Page 3 of the User Guide with each and every download!  To access the User Guide and presets, complete these steps:

Open the link in your email with the subject "Beautiful Photos Await - Link to Preset Downloads!

Press Download Now.

Open the files in the Unzip app.  Unzip the files by clicking on the file name in the Unzip app and open the folder where you'll see the User Guide.


Are these presets/filters one click magic?

Gosh we hope so!  Every photo will likely need some adjustment to get your perfect look, though!  Check out pages 4-5 of the User Guide for tips!


Do you offer refunds?

Great and important question!  We are unable to deactivate or retrieve any preset back after it has been purchased.  Because of this, we don't offer refunds on our products.  We are available to help every single day, though!  Just email us at hello[at] and we will respond within 24 hours (but usually much more quickly than that)!

By purchasing a product, you acknowledge that your purchase on The Preset Villa website is non-refundable and not returnable, under any circumstances.  If you are not comfortable with this policy prior to your purchase, please ask us all the questions that you need prior to moving forward with buying.