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The Preset Villa's Adventure Lightroom Presets & Lightroom Mobile Presets

The Adventure Preset pack is the perfect mix of warmth and mood.  It mattes down the photo and sets the perfect tone to greens, just like the gorgeous hills from your go-to adventure spots.

All of The Preset Villa Presets work best with natural light unless otherwise indicated.  For best results, use photos with natural light rather than artificial (artificial light example: inside with little to no sunlight - photo is lit mostly with a lamp or overhead light).


This moody pack includes:

  • 4 Lightroom Presets compatible with Adobe Lightroom CC and Adobe Lightroom Classic CC (.lrtemplate files)
  • 4 Mobile Lightroom Presets compatible with the Adobe Lightroom app (.dng files)


Presets included:

  • Adventure Base
  • Adventure +Bright
  • Adventure +Contrast
  • Adventure +Cool


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